Hi! I am Reena Mukherjee, once an HR Professional, now a blogging enthusiast. Cooking & exploring new cuisines has always been my passion, right since childhood. I grew up watching my Gandma & Mom cook. The fresh colourful veggies and the aroma of spices always used to attract me. As my mom recalls, often while she was busy in other household chores, I used to go to the kitchen silently, open the spice container (masaladani) and play with it, resulting in the spices all around the floor and on my clothes. It was my favourite game, and possibly my inner instinct for the love for cooking. Moreover, during every summer vacation, Baba (my Dad) used to take us to our ancestral village, where Grandma used to cook on an angeethi (Clay oven). I used to find it fascinating to watch the process of firing up the angeethies early morning with coal. I can still distinctly remember the heavenly aroma of angithee-cooked rotis (wheat flat bread). They are my Gurus in cooking… In my teens I remember following the recipes published in women magazines, newspapers, etc. I would decide on an dish and then hand over the list of ingredients to Baba, who would happily arrange for them all. That’s how my cooking practice had started. Later on, when I was working and raising children, I made sure to steal time from my busy schedule to cook exotic dishes for my family.

My family is my greatest support in my venture. They are all great foodie and their desire to get something exotic from my kitchen keeps me going on experimenting with food whether national or international.

I am very sensitive about maintaining authenticity while creating a traditional dish. All the spices,  used in my cooking are mostly handpicked personally from market and grinded at home.  I have a small garden where I grow herbs like coriander, mint, fennel and celery.

All the recipes on my website are tried many a times in my kitchen and tasted by my friends and family and based on their feedback I have added them in my website.

I love watching cooking  related TV shows & I believe I have grown as a cook watching the Great Chefs TV shows. Sanjeev Kapoor, Aditya Bal, Vicky Ratnani, Marut Sikka, Ritu Dalmia, are my all time favourite. In fact they are my cooking Gurus. Great fan of Jamie oliver whoes show I find very inspirational.

Food blogging is a full time job. It keeps me on my heels whole day. Deciding the dish, collecting ingredients, working on recipe, taking pictures step by step , content development, plating & styling the food, in which I am still a learner. Your feedback and suggestion is very important. Please try the recipes, like it & dont forget to drop me a note. You are my biggest motivator.

Besides cooking, I am a big foodie and a traveling enthusiast too. My interests lie in exploring all types of food joints, street food to 5/7-Star fine dine across the globe. In short, to keep hunting for the best available places to eat, experience them and review them. My restaurants reviews are also available on Trip Adviser and Zomato also.

Lastly, I am a mother of two, who along with my husband, are equally enthusiastic about food and my ventures in the food world.