Got my You tube Key in Lockdown

Recent upload in my channel

Yessssss!!!Lockdown gift!!! key to launch my you tube channel

Since last year I was in look out for an opportunity to launch my you tube channel with my exclusive recipes. Many of my followers and admirers have approached and suggested to start this venture. They had always suggested that the step by step recipes do help in creating the dish by viewing the preparation with commentary would be a great idea. These words have inspired me and have boosted my enery to jump in this ocean and I did it. The Govt announced lockdown in end of March. These was no hurry of preparing the breakfast and packing the lunch and the tiffin for the office goers. The watch had suddenly slowed down. There was only one topic of discussion “COVID”, terrible feeling, helpless never before like this. But We had to come over somehow. The situation is still grave but its now “NEW Normal”.

This slow pace life brought a new light in my life. I thought of involving myself more with my passion. My sleeping Dream started peeping behind the lockdown status. on 29th March, I opened the packed induction oven, placed it on a well lighted table and started setting the camera for action. Yes, decided to record the video of my Diabetic` special Breakfast dish a Chila/Pancake. That was the beginning. But there were shortage and limitations also of ingredients in the kitchen due to lockdown. So had to choose the recipes keeping into consideration these limitations. To impress the target audience, i selected the recipes which could be created most easily with ingredients and spices which are commonly available in every kitchen. This worked. My family and friends encouraged me and started uploading one dish every alternate days. Initially I had to depend on my son for getting the videos edited. My laptop was not the updated version and did not had the editing options. Ha Ha, time teaches you so much. One fine morning I received a Parcel from my son and you know It was Laptop compatible to my requirements. People prefer doing editing in Mobiles but he was concerned that my eyes may get stressed while editing in small screen, so Laptop is a better option for me. Now it was time for the lessons for clicking right, placing the camera in the stand , recording in bits and then the editing. Yes, I learnt it all. Now I am self sufficient, I place the camera, record and do the editing. I have uploaded 91 recipes till date . I target is to upload regional recipes all across India stress on the lost recipes and which has health benefits too. Have uploaded few world cuisines also like American Grills, Thai curries Italian Pastas and desserts. Want to learn more and more and share more and more. Please do visit my channel. view recipes, like share and please leave your comments which is most important. Request you to subscribe my channel too. Have only 197 subscribers till date and maximum viewed dish is 1.2K. Many more miles to go. Wish me, bless me and follow me and subscribe.

My most recent upload is Thai green curry paste (vegetarian version).


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