Kashmiri Mutton Gushtaba, Mutton balls in yogurt curry

This is my families all time favourite dish. This is one of the popular Kashmiri Pandit cuisine . High on flavour with minimal spices. Very mild on toingue but very satisfying. Kashmiri cuisine have two types of cooking style of same dish. One is of Kashmiri Pandit that is of Hindu community another id Muslim style. The name of the dishes remain same however the ingredients specially spices are different. Pandit cuisine never uses onion or garlic and the Garam masalas , whereas the muslims cooking use lot of onion garlic and varieties of hot masalas. Fior example. Kashmiri Rogan Josh is sompopular but it has two flavours. One is cooked with onion garlic another is cooked without onion garlic. The key spice that is Fennel powder and dry ginger powder and Kashmiri Red chili powder remains same.
Today I am sharing Kasjhmiri Pandit Gushtaba which is cooked without onion and garlic.

Ingredients:approx 10 balls,Pounded mutton/mutton keema- 300 gms whipped Curd- 1 cup Fennel seed powder- 2 tblspn Dry ginger powder- 1 tblspn Hing- 1 tspn Cloves- 5-6 Black cardamom- 2 Cinnamon stick- 1 , 2 ” Sha jeera/Kala jeera- 1 tspn Dry mint leaves Mustard oil- 1/4th cup Salt to taste

Method: Pound the meat in stone with 1 black cardamom, stone flower, ginger powder and salt.

Make ten balls and keep aside. In a deep pan take 2 glass of water. Add, 1 tblspn fennel powder, 1 tspn . ginger powder, 1 cinnamon stick, salt, black cardamom. Bring to rolling boil, in this add the meat balls. Cook covered for at least 15-20 min and the water almost remains a little. Take out the meat balls and keep separately. In a wok add oil. Add beaten cloves, cinnamon stick and hing . Pour the remaining water of the meat balls. Add 1/4th tspn wheat flour in the whipped curd. Add this along with the water and stir till it comes to boil otherwise the curry will curdle. If it is too thick then add some more water and the meat balls. Cook it covered for at least 10-15 min. Now dry roast the cumin seeds and ground it course. Add it to the curry. Check the salt level. Finish it with adding dry mint leaves. Its ready to serve.

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