Dumur Jhal…Cluster Fig curry

Super healthy fruit. It is actually power house of health benefits. Consumption of these fruits helps in production of RBC count, prevents anemia, produces energy, enhance immunity, prevents cramps beside many other nutrition. Its rich in vitami, Iron, Copper, Potassium, magnesium, Zinc & Protein. Not only the fruit, even its bark and leaves have medicinal value.

In India this tree is believed sacred and is known as Dumur Phol in Bengal and Gular in Hindi. Today I found these green fruit in local market and picked up few. There are numerous recipe of this fruit when its not ripe. We cook it with, cumin, coriander, turmeric and chili, sometimes with mustard and fresh coconut, sometimes with onion garlic. These makes delicious koftas and kebabs to. But the worst part is its cleaning. It is time consuming and very tiring process. Actually it contains cluster of tiny seeds in its belly and which should be discarded before cooking. General cleaning process is to half it and with the kelp of the tip of knife or peeler the seeds must be taken out. Must keep it in water otherwise it will get discoloured.

The rinse it in water several times. Too much of Iron content makes it little bitter if not washed properly. Its advised to steam and boil it for 2mins before making any dish out of it.

Lets cook Dumurer Jhal/ Gular Masala Curry.

Dumur or Gular- 200gms cut 1:4, washed .

Dumur 200gm

Potato diced- 1 big

Cumin seeds- ½ tspn

Whole red chili- 1

Cumin powder- 1 tspn

Coriander powder- ½ tspn

Turmeric powder- 1 tspn

Ginger paste- 1 tspn

Red chili powder- ½ tspn

Green chili- 2 slitted

Salt to taste

Fresh coconut grated- 2 tblspn

Mustard oil = 2 tblspn

Water 1 cup or more.

Halved Dumur


Boil the Dumur in 1 cup water, pinch of turmeric. Strain. In a wok pour oil, fry the potatoes with pinch of turmeric ans salt till lightly brown. Add whole chili and cumin seeds. Let it platter. Make a paste combining all masalas. Add the masala paste in oil and fry till moisture evaporates. Then add boiled dumur. Fry it along the masalas for 2 min then add potatoes and water . Cook covered in medium flame till dumur and potatoes are soft and water has almost dried. There will be thick or no gravy. Garnish with fresh coconut scrap. It tastes great with rice or chapatti.  

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  1. Sandhya says:

    This is a new fruit and recipe for me Reena. Looks interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Sandhya . Yes its not a common. Its one of our traditional food and are popular mostly in villages.

      Liked by 1 person

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