Mango Roshogolla……Cottage cheese balls cooked in mango juice ….


In India, West Bengal is known for its rich culture and their romance with “chhanar mishti” that is sweets made out of cottage cheese. The dessert is known as Roshoolla derives its name from the word Ras means juice and golls means ball. Soft and spongy sweets are made out of fresh Chana I e. cottage cheese and cooked in sweet syrup. I prefer using unrefined sugar for preparing the ras. Its popularity is  not only restricted to Bengal  but across the country. There is ofcourse a controversy remains about the origin of this soft succulent sweet , whether it is Bengal or Odisha, lets not go into it

Today I tried my hands for the first time in making Rashogolla with a twist. It is generally requires  mainly three ingredients, Milk,  desi khand , unrefined sugar/a sugar,l juice for curdling the milk. Rest of the ingredients are innovation, different flavours. In winters date jaggary is used in place od sugar they are simply beyond description.

This is mango season and I just wanted to try my hands in making rasogolla with mango flavour. I searched in internet and come across few recipes. All were similar with some differences here and there. Finally I decided to do it in my way. It came out really well. I used fresh mango pulp mixed it with milk and made the chhana/paneer. In off season mango juice could also be used. Always use full fat cow milk. The dessert will be softer. For essence , rose water, Kewra water can also be used. Lets cook


  1. Mango pulp- 3/4th cup
  2. Cow whole Milk- ½ ltr
  3. Sugar/desi khand- 1 cup
  4. Water- 3cups
  5. Lemon juice- 1 tblspn
  6. Zafraan- few stings soaked in warm water


Boil 1 cup of water. Add the mango pulp and cook it for 3-4 mins. Cool it  and blend it  and strain so that any grains could be discarded.

Mix it with milk and bring to boil. Curdle it with lemon juice to make the chhena or the paneer, key ingredient of the sweet dish.  Stir the curdled milk. Strain it in a malmul.  Now pour cold water over the chena to get off the acidic flavour of lemon juice. Now squeeze out the water completely from the chhena. Hang it in mulmul and let it cool.


Take the Chhena from mulmul and kneed it continuously for 10-15 mins till it becomes creamy. No grains are left. Mango grains in the chena will also get creamy  it will be very very creamy. This is the key step in the recipe. 


Now make small balls with the chhena by rolling it between your palm.


Boil 2 cup water and add 1 cup sugar in itt to make the syrup. When the sugar melts and the water starts boiling,  add the chena balls in it. Let the balls boil in the  syrup.  You will see the balls will puff gradually. Cook it Covered for 5 mins. But keep an eye so that the balls do not break.   Cook it in medium flame. It takes  15 mins for complete cooking.


Take off from fire and keep it covered for few mins. Let it cool. Add the Zafran strings for colour and flavor.

Let the rasgullas soak in syrup for atleast for an hr so that the rasgullas are completely soaked in syrup. 

Keep it in fridge. 

Serve chilled.

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  1. Ramyarecipes says:

    My sisters favorite dessert.. looks delicious

    Liked by 1 person

  2. jyo says:

    Wowww…looks so yummy !

    Liked by 1 person

  3. arv! says:

    Now who doesn’t love Roshgulla?

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Not familiar with this treat, but very interesting

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Snuffy says:

    Oh, I had a friend make this for a party recently and it was SO good! It looks easy enough to make and a tasty dessert!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Its not difficult till you choose the right kind of milk and curdle it . Kneading till the soft and creamy is very important.

      Liked by 1 person

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