Choddo Shaak-Choddo Baati- Bhoot Chaturdasi- Indian Halloween day???



Today it is chaturdasi, that is 14th night during the moon cycle. Today is the night before no moon night just before deepavali night. Tomorrow will be Amavasya , when Goddess Kali is worshiped by Bengalis. In west bengal, it is also called choddo bati (14 diyas), Bhoot(Ghost) Choturdoshi and choddo shak(14 type leafy veg. day).

14 Diyas are lighted at the entrances of  houses in Bengali Households. It is said, in this way homage is paid to ancestors (14 generations) of the family and to bright up the positive energy in the family and to keep away from evil spirits (bhoot) .

Traditionally, 14 Shaak or 14 types of  herb vegetables are also eaten  by every family member during lunch. I have listed below the 14 herbs. However, most of these herbs are rare plants are available in villages near ponds and bushes. They have medicinal value too. BThe logic says that during this season many bacteria gets activated and consumption these herbs prevents from indigestion and supply vitamins and minerals. In cities 14 types of leaves which are easily available (may not occur in the original list) are bundled together, sometimes readily chopped and sold in the vegetable market.

As per our tradition I have cooked 14 Shaak and lighted 14 candles for paying homage to our ancestors.

I pray to God for well being of my family, friends and well wishers.

Names Choddo shaak as I gathered from my Granny- Hope I am writing correct.

  1. Kasunde
  2. Shorshe
  3. Neem
  4. Jayanti
  5. Salincha
  6. Gulancha
  7. Potol
  8. Shelka
  9. Hincha
  10. Ghetu
  11. Shushshuni
  12. Kemuk
  13. Beto
  14. Amarphopalus

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  1. Really.. I never knew this 😀
    Great post..thnks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping and liking.


  2. Megala says:

    Interesting tradition & custom ! Thanks for sharing !!

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    1. Thanks for the read.

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