Destination Bangalore, Food, Fun, Frolic!!!


Hi friends , no posts, no likes, no comments in last few days. Yes, I was away from my kitchen and took charge of my son’s kitchen in Bangalore. It was a joyous moment meeting my sonny after a long time. Cooking for your loved one gives most satisfaction. I tried to cook most of his favourites and he ensured to take me to my places of interest , the historical ruins in the city(not many) , silk factory, local food tasting and few of fine dines. Thoroughly enjoyed the stay and after returning now I am waiting to see him during Durga Pooja.
Every city has its own specialty. So was in Bangalore. I had asked my son whether, vegetable and fruit vendors come in cart. He was unaware but I was sure to have them in the morning like any other city in India. There were so many visited one by one. May be due to the whether condition of Bangaluru, the vegetables looked so green, carrots were deep orange and gourds were deep green as we find in west Bengal. Best part was the way the vendor use to arrange the vegetables. I found it so artistic and could not stop myself from clicking pictures.

I was interested to see the place and taste the food where my son takes his breakfast on weekends. It is very near in walking distance Kisnas Café. Very busy outlet. People from every stature comes here either to eat or parcel. Everything is cooked fresh . Varieties of Idlis, Dosas, Vada, bisi belle bath(khichri), lemon rice, poori bhaji, upma, poha and what not. Set Idlis and set Dosas were something new to us. I clicked the making of rawa masala dosa.

Went to Tipus summer palace, Bangalore Fort, Nandi hills etc etc etc. Dined at many places. Sharing the pics.


Tipus summer palace

Lal Bagh


Iscon Temple


Nagwara Lake

Migratory birds at Kaikondrahalli Lake

Nandi Hills


Batabi Lebu, Pomel fruit

Tiffin at MTR

Andhra style food at Nanda`s


Lunch at  Fenny`s

Fisherman Warf- Goa brought in Banagalore

Excellent!!Food, Ambiance, Service, live music everything you ask for. They offer varieties of sea food, chicken, lamb, veg everything. Look at their Menu, its amazing. We had gone their specially for sea food. They show you the raw fish and price is based on the weight of the piece. Like we had ordered Lobster, Pomfret & Jumbo prawns. Since each dishes are cooked fresh so it takes time to serve. But when it comes on your table you will be delighted to first see the presentation and much delighted after tasting. Chesse Lobster, Grilled Pomfret, spicy crab and the prawn dish , all were amazing. But unfortunately the sangria was not up to the mark.
So folks when in Bangalore and to have great food & fun with your friends and family, you must visit this place.
Special mention to Bapan, who had guided us in choosing dishes. He has full knowledge of all the dishes on the menu, very courteous and gave us great service.

Banglore style food – Dinner at Empire

Cafe Max- European Food

Final take.. A bowl full of happiness!!!!

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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    These pics takes me back to B’lore…want to go n try them again!! Amazing experience…well expressed and great visuals!! Cheers!

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  2. Amazing pictures Reena…These have refreshed my memories of bangalore..Lovely City..Awesome Post.

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  3. Megala says:

    Great post ! Lovely pictures !!

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  4. jyo says:

    Hey u r in my city😊 lovely pics❣

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  5. A Wanderer says:

    Awesome pictures…Fellow Bangalorean here😊

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    1. Thank u for liking. Cheers!!!


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