Sewai Mango parfait

It’s a go as you like dish. Choose desserts/sweets of your choice,  layer it in a glass, garnish and enjoy.

Traditionally Parfait refers to French frozen dessert. In American version it is layered with granola, yogurt,  nuts liqueurs  and topped with cream served in a long parfait glass.

My parfait is Indianised  version layered with sewai  kheer, Mango puree and whipped cream served in a liquor glass.

Its treat to the eyes and treat to your tongue too. Delightful delicious dessert.   It can be layered with rice kheer, mishit dahi(Bengali sweet curd), mango puree, peach puree, ripe papaya puree, top with whipped cream, ice cream, any thing of your choice.


  1. Sewai kheer chilled – ½ cup (Refer my recipe in blog)
  2. Mango puree chilled -½ cup
  3. Whipped cream- As much required for For topping
  4. Mango slices for garnishing
  5. Red pomegranate seeds for garnishing


Take a glass of your choice. Spoon the kheer slowly in the glass. It should not drop on side, otherwise layering will not become clear. Fill 1/3 rd of the glass with kheer. Put the glass in fridge for 15 min, so that the kheer layer becomes thicker and it will be easier to make the 2nd layer.

For 2nd layer, spoon the mango puree carefully over the kheer. It should stay on top of kheer layer. ¾ th of the glass should be filled. Again put it in fridge to set.

IMG_20170704_110251 web3

Take out the glass when it is time to serve. Top it with whipped cream and garnish with mango slices and pomegranate seed for attractive colour. You can shape the slices like flower or slice it in style to decorate the serving.

IMG_20170704_111839_HDR web

parfait  is ready to dig in.


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  1. Neelam Tiku says:

    Wow …mouth watering 👌👌

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    1. Thanks Anusha. It is always encouraging to receive feedback.

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  2. This is looking very tempting Reena…Feel like having it..Superb

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    1. Ha Ha Ha. Kaash, I could treat u.

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      1. Thats so sweet of You…Can I ask where R u from..

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      2. Right now m in Chicago..

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      3. hmm. originally from


      4. Jamshedpur,Jharkhand

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      5. Congratulations Anshu!! You have been nominated for “Real Neat Blog Award”. Check out my post Cheers!!!

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      6. Thank you so much Reena for nominating me…and a big Congratulations to you too !!

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    1. Thanks Ruchi for ur prompt response.


    2. Congratulations!! You have been nominated for “Real Neat Blog Award”. Check out my post Cheers!!!


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