Sewai Kheer or Sheer Khurma


Below is my original post on occassion of Eid last year. Today again I prepared the dish with some additional ingredient . I used powdered Makhanas i.e. ghee roasted lotus seeds. I added this alongwith sewai. It came out creamy and delicious. Spooned clarified butter and kesar on top. You may cook using any method. The whole recipe remains same.

OMG!! Such a delightful week . House full of,  my loved ones. Mom, nephew, niece and my children,  it was a real delight to have them all together. Naturally special menu was called for, from breakfast till dinner. Moreover it was sweet Sewai Eid. Celebration was must with Sewai ki kheer  along with other dishes. I quickly checked up for the ingredients. I had Bambino Vermicelli. The sewai kheer or Sheer Khurma is prepared with thinner vermicelli, but I was not in mood to go to the market to fetch it. So decided to prepare it with whatever was available in my kitchen.

Basic sewaiyan is made with milk, sewaiyan and sugar, and then flavored with cardamom or rose water. Garnish with sliced almonds, pistachios rose petals. It is often served as a sweet accompaniment in Lunch or dinner. However, in Bengal it is popular as Shemui Payesh and you need not wait for lunch or dinner to have it. It is delightful breakfast dish for many elderly as well as kids when paired with puffed rice, muri or slice of bread too.

It was Eid special so I served it as sweet accompaniment with Biryani.

So sharing this super easy recipe but super tasty sweet dish….

  1. Full fat milk – 1 ltr
  2. Sugar 100 gm
  3. Khoya- 50 gm
  4. Green Cardamom – 2-3 crushed
  5. Sewai – 1 cup/100gms
  6. Desi Ghee/Clarified butter 70-100 gms.
  7. Chopped dry fruits- Amonds, Cashew & pistachio
  8. !/2 cup ghee roasted makhana(lotus seeds) crushed- 1/4th cup(optional)
  9. Dry edible Rose petals – 1 tspn(optional)
  10. Few fresh edible rose petals for garnishing


 Boil the milk in slow flame till 15 mins to thicken it.

Fry the cashew nuts in ghee and keep aside.

In another heavy bottomed pan(preferably non stick), add ghee. When hot, put cardamom. Stir it for ½ min then add sewai. Fry it till brown.



Slowly pour the milk, keep stirring to avoid formation lumps.


Bring it to boil.


Add Makhana powder(optional)


Add khoya and dry rose petals and bring it to boil.

Cook the whole thing in slow or medium heat. Cook till the vermicelli are soft. This will take 15 mins. Keep stirring very softly to avoid formation of malai on the surface. In Punjab, they prefer malai in the sewai kheer but traditionally in Sheer Khurma, milk is thicken by continuous stirring without forming the malai . I also prefer the same.

Check if the vermicelli are cooked add sugar. Stir continuously to dissolve it.

IMG_20170626_123457Let it boil for another 5 mins. By this time the milk will thicken and the fat (ghee) layer shall be visible on the surface.

Add nuts and stire for another 5 mins.


Switch off the gas stove.  The kheer is ready. Put it  in a serving bowl and keep it under fan or in a cool place to bring it in room temperature.


Many like to have this kheer when warm but mostly like it to consume the chilled version. Sprinkle not more than 1/3rd tspn rose water.

Chill it in the fridge. Garnish with rose petals before serving.

IMG_20170626_152509_HDR wtr

Note: I have also garnished it with a Mango rose. It was my 1st trial and I must thank Astha Mahajan for sharing the technique in her blog Astha, this was my 1st trial, hope to get the expertise with more trials.


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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    This sewai kheer put a chaar chaand to Id as a post dessert after Biriyani!!!!! This beautiful, chilled, aromatic, delicious desert is highly highly recommended!! Feel refreshed on the summer with this omazing creation!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Megala says:

    Wow! Sounds scrumptious !

    Liked by 2 people

  3. wow nice ..thanks for maintion dear..
    happy cooking

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I thank all for liking the recepi.


  5. Looks delightful x

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Lise says:

    I wish I had a grocery store with more ethnic goods so I could make this, it looks so good x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lise, this could be cooked in simply available ingredients and it would be yummy. The key ingredients are Milk, vermicelli, sugar and nuts. Try if u like . If u need more details, let me know.


  7. Christy B says:

    This wounds wonderful!! It’s lunchtime here… I’m even hungrier now 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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