Baked Salmon

Salmon_dis[1] wtr

This dish is totally dedicated to my lovely daughter. Baked fish are her all time favourite and when it comes to Salmon, nothing to beat it. No other my family member is fond of baked fish except my daughter. I have to keep my search on to bring variations in baked fish preparations. Fresh Salmons are not available in regular fish market in Delhi. But we Bengalis always prefer fresh fish than frozen one. Moreover we bengalis are not satisfied till they touch and smell the fish before buying it. There are few stores (not nearby) which sells Fresh Salmon. So fetching Salmon needs extra effort to go to the store and fetch it. But for my dear daughter, I don’t mind going extra miles to fetch it. Sometimes she herself does some research on net and come up with new dressing. She does not allow me repeat the dressings. To be very honest. I love doing this, rather I look forward her demand. Your children are your world whether they are small or an adult. Our lives revolve around them. Yesterday I had prepared this baked Salmon with green dressing. I worked so well, she loved it. Ingredients are very simple and may be available in your kitchen. This could be cooked in broiler then baked or could be cooked in oven or Air fryer.
Lets cook

Salmon 1
1. Salmon Fillet – 2
2. Chopped Coriander leaves or celantro – Half cup
3. Garlic Pods 2-3
4. Mustard powder or Dijon mustard paste – 1 tspn
5. Lemon juice 1 tbspn
6. Mayonnaise- 1 tbspn
7. Onion powder 1 tblspn
8. Dry Garlic powder 1 tspn
9. Olive oil 1 tblapn
10. Kosher salt 1 tspn


Salmon 2

Make a paste out of onion powder, garlic powder, mustard, lemon juice and 1 tspn of olive oil.


Pound the garlic and coriander leaves in a hand mortor. Add mayonnaise and the mustard mix. This will make a thick dressing for the fish.

Wash the fish fillets in running water and pat dry it completely. Sprinkle little salt, pepper and 1 tspn of olive oil. Coat the fillets with it.
Now spread a baking sheet or silver foil on a baking dish. Brush oil all over it.

Place the fish fillets side by side on this dish. Keep the skin side facing down the dish.
Now apply the coriander paste on the top side of the fillet.
Preheat oven in 250degrees FH. Bake the fish for 25 mts.
It can be broiled first on high for 5-10 mins. Or till browned. Then bake it in oven in 200 degrees for 10 mins.

Bake it in pre heated Air fryer for 10 mins or till cooked.

Serve it with stir fried garlic spinach & stir fried carrots.
(Blanch spinach and carrots separately. Stir fry with chopped garlic , salt & pepper.)


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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    This is a treat to a healthy, delicious, exotic, awesome gourmet dinner at any season!!!!

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  2. PriyaPandian says:

    Looks yummy ☺️👍

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