Cheesee Jumbo on bed of veggies


Prawns are very popular shellfish or seafood that are consumed worldwide.  There are number of types of prawns, they are different in sizes, colours and so as in its taste. Fresh water Prawns are sweeter than Sea water Prawns . It is said to be the fruit of the sea. It can be cooked as curry, fries, bar b cued, baked, broiled, so on and so forth. In India  initially prawns ere popular in eastern and southern region where the were available in abundance due to presence of water bodies. It was used in daily cooking.  In other sectors it was a rarely  available in markets.  Small eat outs did not offered prawn dishes. But now the story is completely different, small roadside vendors also prepare prawn dishes.

Today I am sharing the recipe of cheese stuffed jumbo prawns. For this preparation you need big fat Prawns. It is baked with shell on. For de veining and making space for stuffing, it needs to be slitted. The procedure is explained below. However, if you are buying fresh prawns, then the vendors may also do it on request. Except the cleaning and cutting part, rest of the procedure is easy and the hard work devoted for preparation will pay off with the end result.


  1. Big Fat Jumbo Prawns 4-6
  2. Grated Parmesan cheese ½ cup
  3. Mozzarella cheese 3 tblspn
  4. Crushed Black pepper 2 tblspn divided
  5. Chopped garlic 5
  6. Mixed dry herbs 1 tspn
  7. Chili flakes(optional if want heat)
  8. Chopped parsley or coriander leaves 2 tblspn
  9. Turmeric powder ¼ tspn
  10. Salt 1/2 tspn
  11. Olive oil 1 tspn

Ingredients for stir fry vegetables:

  1. Baby corns cut diagonally  4 pieces
  2. 4 Tomatoes dices into 4 pieces
  3. Chopped Spring Onion 1 with greens
  4. Zucchini diced ½ cup
  5. Black pepper 1 tspn
  6. Lemon juice 2 tblspn
  7. Chopped garlic 2 pods
  8. Refined/Olive oil 1 tblspn
  9. Salt to taste


For deveining the Prawns, make a deep cut lengthwise down the outer curve of the prawn’s body keeping the shell on. You may use a sharp knife or a scissors. You will find a dark  thin ribbon, pull it gently. De vein the prawns . Keep the head shell & tail intact.  There remains a black bag in the head of the prawns. They are actually sand eaten by the prawns. Give a cut over the head and remove  the black bag from its head.

 Now   flatten the prawn like a butterfly. Wash the prawn in water.  A soft orange brain remains under the head shell of big prawns. Be careful, this part should not be washed away while cleaning it in water. Wash it gently and pat dry the prawns.



Scoop out the brain cream from its head and store in a bowl. Add parmesan cheese, salt and pepper, turmeric powder, garlic, mixed dry herb, coriander leaves and olive oil. Mix well.

Now fill the open side the prawns with this mix.

Prepare a baking dish and grease it with olive oil. Arrange these prawns one by one in this baking dish.

Pre heat the oven on 250 degrees Celsius for 7-10 mins.

While the oven is heating quickly prepare the stir fried veggies.

Heat a pan, (preferably iron cast). Drizzle oil and put garlic and all the vegetables. Stir fry on high heat. Add salt and pepper. Fry till the veggies change colour and looks like char grilled. Take off from fire. Set aside.

Place the baking dish on high  stand and grill the prawns for 20 mins. Take out the dish.


Sprinkle mozzarella cheese over it and place for grilling again for another 10 mins or till the cheese melts and it is browned.

Serve it hot over the bed of stir fried veggies. Drizzle lemon juice over it.


(The prawns can be grilled in Air fryer also, which takes less time with good results)


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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    My hunger doubles up when I see something like this…looks stunning and tastes heavenly!!!!!

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  2. skd says:

    Omg! How I am drooling over this. Jumbo prawns😋😋😋

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