Coriander Idli (Coriander steamed rice cake)

Dhania idli

Idli is  such a dish which is popular across India and considered as all day meal option. It is primarily a breakfast item in Southern part of India. However, in other parts is considered as healthy, light on pocket and any time is Idli time be in, breakfast lunch or dinner. It is  gourmet when served in fine dine with fancy presentation and also is a street food for common people when served in disposable plates, steel thali, by a street food vendor.  Traditionally Idlis were made out of fermented  rice & white urad dal batter. However, there has been number of innovations in making the batter more interesting and healthier.  When I decide to prepare Idlis, it is expected that it will be created with some difference. So to meet the families expectation and my craving for innovations, I keep on trying the newer ways.  One bowl of batter was left after preparing the bell peppy nutty Idlies which I shared in my previous post. Today I thought of using the rest in breakfast. But I was not in mood of cutting, chopping or too many hassle. Had some coriander leaves. Copped it and mixed in the batter. The idlis were soft and  coriander flavor was awesome. It was simple very delicious. Served it with coconut chutney.  Sharing it here….

For 24 yeilds



  1. Deskinned black gram lentil/Urad Dhuli – 2 cup
  2. Parboiled short grain Idli rice – 1 ½  cups
  3. Raw rice- ½ cup
  4. Chopped coriander 1 cup.
  5. Chopped green chili 1 tbspn
  6. Fenugreek seeds 1 tspn
  7. Grated ginger 1 tblspn(optional)
  8. Salt to taste
  9. Enough Oil or Ghee for brushing the idli mould.


Mix up fenugreek seeds with daal. Soak the rice and daal separately for at least 4-6 hrs.

Grind the daal alongwith fenugreek seeds upto a smooth thick batter. See the consistency in picture.

Grind the rice  separately, slightly course in texture.

Mix both and daal batter in a deep bowl. Its better to use hand to whip the batter fast so as to aerate the batter well. The batter should be in dropping consistency. Keep it tightly covered overnight for fermentation. Softness of cooked idlis depends largely upon the fermentation level of rice and dal. See the picture of fermented batter.

Dhania idli mix1

Coriander leaves should be washed in advance and dry them completely before chopping. Otherwise the greenish liquid released by wet coriander will dis colour the batter.

Mix in the chopped chilis and coriander leaves with batter when completely dry.  Add salt as per taste and mix the batter properly.

Take the idly mould and grease the base of each moulds either with refined oil or ghee. Spoon the batter in the mould.

For pressure cooker cooking: Pour one glass of water in base. Place the Idli mould stand in the cooker. Cover it with lid without weight. Cook on high flame till the pressure starts releasing from top. Then reduce the flame to medium and cook for 10 mins.

Switch off and open the lid after few mins. Give 2-3 mins standing time. Carefully take out the stand. (Use handgloves).

idli dhnya

De mould the idlis and serve hot with coconut chutney ,  sambhar or podi powder.


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