Stir Fried Beans Carrot(Poriyal)

Poriyal is a staple dish in Southern Indian Kitchen. Its basically a low fat stir fry dish with any seasonal vegetables. Most commonly used veggies are Fresh Green Beans and orange carrots. Other than these, you can put, green peas, cauliflower, cabbage or even beetroot in this dish. Key ingredients are veggies and fresh coconut scrape beside curry leaves and mustard seeds.  Its basically Tamil cuisine where they do not use much of spices. But there are variant methods of cooking Poriyal where many other spices are put and is spicier than this version which I am going to share here. But this simple recipie is simply die for specialy in hot summer day when you want less spicier and cool dishes. This is such a dish which could be consumed at room temperature, no need of reheating during meal time. It is dry in texture so probably go wel with roti paratha specialy for North Indian people. But in Southern and Eastern Part of India, people love dry dishes also with steamed rice.

 Although its cooking time is not more than 10 mts. but precooking activities like fine chopping of the veggies and scrapping of fresh coconut takes time but the final result after your effort  is awesome.

So lets cook this colourful 10 mins recipe.

Portion for 2


Beans 1

  1. Finely chopped green beans 1 cup
  2. Finely chopped orange carrot ½ cup
  3. Fresh coconut scrape 3 tblspn or more as per choice
  4. Urad dhuli dal/Black gram skinned 1tblspn soaked in water
  5. Curry Leaves 2/3 twigs
  6. Mustard seeds ½ tspn
  7. Whole dry red chili 1
  8. Green chili 1
  9. Salt to taste
  10. White oil 1 tspn


Steam the chopped vegetables in a steamer for 3-4 mins. Can be steamed in micro oven also, cook  covered 2-3 mins. Uncover and keep aside. This method is optional. I follow this method just to avoid stirring the vegetables in oil for long which kills the nutrients and also for retention of colour and crunchiness of the vegetables.



Heat oil in a pan, put the chili and wait till it changes colour, add  mustard seeds and let it splatter. Add the soaked daal(strain from water) and stir till it becomes brown. Put the curry leaves and stir till aromatic.


Add the veggies and stir fry it in high flame. When the moisture dries up add salt and green chili.

Stir fry 1-2 mins and switch off the stove.

Beans 5

Add coconut and give a nice stir to mix with the vegetables. The coconut brings sweetness and crunch to the dish.

Poriyal is ready to dig in.

Beans Finl

Note: In case you are cooking it without steaming the vegetables then it needs to be cooked for more time till it is soft.



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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    15th aug is round the corner and this tricolor dish is perfecto! healthier as it looks, delicious it is…so go for this simple, colorful amazing sabzi with steamed rice!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. liked your observation. I should have posted it on 15th Aug. he he

      Liked by 1 person

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