Water Melon Sorbet

Here I am sharing what I prepared with my water melon preserve which I shared the other day. It becomes so easy with some advance preparation. Powder the sugar and store it in a Jar. Maximum time taken for preparing any sorbet is to mixing sugar with water. So if we have powdered sugar handy then it becomes very easy to prepare any sorbet any time for your loved ones. And why to buy caster sugar packets from market, do it at home.

For 1 glass:

Take frozen 8-10 melon cubes, 1 tspn sugar if the melon is very sweet otherwise increase the amount, big pinch of  black/rock salt, 1 tspn lemon juice, 2 fresh mint leaves and pinch of toasted and crushed cumin seed(optional). Put it in a blender and blend it till smooth.

Serve in long glass. Top with water melon cubes and  sprig of mint.Melon delight wtr


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