In India summers are very   hot. It scorches almost all the parts of India with sweltering heat. Hot winds or locally called Loo, dehydrates the body. So it is very important to stay hydrated and for that its important to consume ample quantity of water. On such days, when any of your family member returns from school, college or work, or on sudden arrival guest on a hot afternoon, you would love to  relieve them with some quick home made healthy cool drink. What could be best other than  a glass of Aam Panna, Nimbu Pani (Lemon water), Melon juice.   These drinks makes wonder with tangy twist on the taste bud at the same time getting hydrated. But without advance preparation these drinks takes some time to be ready. Chopping, pulping, squeezing, mixing sugar  is time consuming affair.

To make it instant and quick, I am sharing you the technique of preserving key ingredients for making instant Aam Panna or Water melon Sorbet  at  any time in summers or round the year and pamper your loved ones

You can make it in large quantity and preserve it for future use when mangoes or melons are not in season or for short time in summer to feed your family and friends. Here I have prepared it in small quantity only to share the method.

For Mango preserve:  Raw mango 3

  1. Black Salt 1 tspn
  2. Toasted Cumin,,Black pepper and Caraway seed powder.
  3. Water ½ cup

Roast the whole green raw mangoes with skin in Oven, Air fryer, or on Gas stove.  It can be cooked in Pressure cooker also. However, roasted aroma in this preserve is the highlight.

Peel of the skin. Separate the flesh and discard the stone.

Now put the flesh in the blender and pulse it to make a smooth puree. Add black salt, water and the toasted spices in it and pulse it again to mix it evenly.

Now take the ice tray. Spoon the pulp in each cube boxes. Freeze it for at least four hours or till it is completely frozen.


Transfer the cubes in an air tight container and store it in Deep Fridge,

Take out the number of cubes you require at a time and put it back in the deep fridge.

These preserve could be used for making aam panna, raw mango sweet chutney or in any vegetable or salad where you want a tangy taste or to give mango flavor to it.


For water melon  preserve:

  1. Water melon seeded and diced 2 cups.

Puree the Water melon. Spoon the liquid in the freezer ice tray. Freeze it for at least 6 hr. Take out and store it in air tight container for future use for jam, jelly, sauce or a cold beverage.



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  1. Amazing idea, Reena!

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    1. Thanks for inspiring words.


  2. joyeeta81 says:

    Innovative! Give me a fork and I’ll start picking one by one:)

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