Hi friends, coming back with a wonderful family holiday in Europe. That’s why there were no posts in last 15 days. After enjoying super weather, rain, snowfall in Europe,  the scorching heat in India inspired me to come with some super cool drinks to beat the scorching heat. Local markets are overflowing with melons and mangoes and so is my refrigerator. I roast the green unripe mangoes in bulk and store its pulp either in cube forms in deep fridge ice tray or bottle it in fridge. Same I do with melons. I cut, de seed it, pulp it and pour it in ice tray to use it in cube forms. Some times I cut it in cubes or in ball shape and frozen it for future use. If these things are available in Fridge then you can make many types of cool drinks using these cubes even on sudden arrival of guests or for your family back from study or work. Here I have shared a cool drink prepared using the mango pulp cubes and frozen water melon cubes.



  1. Frozen roasted green/unripe mango cubes in cubes 10
  2. Frozen water melon cubes 8
  3. Water melon pulsed pulp 1 cup
  4. Sugar syrup 2 tblspn
  5. Club Soda ½ cup
  6. Black salt 2 tspn
  7. Toasted cumin seeds crushed 1 tspn
  8. Lemon Leaves/Mint leaves for Garnishing


  1. For making Frozen green mango Cubes.

Roast the whole green mango with skin in Oven/Air fryer/On Gas stove. Or the mangoes could be boiled in pressure cooker with skin.

Peel off the skin and scrape the pulp. Discard the stone. Now pulse the pulp with little salt. Put one mint leaf on each grid of ice tray of the Freezer. Now pour the pulp in each grid.  Freeze  it for 2-3 hrs.

  1. For making frozen water melon. Cut small cubes of water melon and keep it in freezer for 2-3 hrs.

Preparing the slush:

IMG_20170503_135650Take two tall/Slim glasses which have thin and heavy base.

Take mint leaves between your fingers and roll it to get its aroma. Put one each in the glass.

To make the layers, put 3-4 mango cubes at the base. Then arrange 4-5 water melon cubes over it. Put ½ tspn of black salt in each glasses. Pour sugar syrup 1 tblspn each glass. Slowly pour the pulsed melon over it till 3/4th of the glass is filled. Add jeera powder. Then Pour club soda over it to fill the glass. Garnish it with mint/lemon leaves.

Mango melon slush


Serve immediately.

Quench your thirst in scorching heat.


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  1. Pallavi Banerjee says:

    This looks yummy

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  2. joyeeta81 says:

    can just have this one everyday!!!

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