All Green Salad

All green saladSalads can be creative, simple yet fulfilling. Easy to prepare, fresh,  nutritious and healthy and delicious too. Simple and flavourfull dressing can enhance the salad. For getting flavours from the spices it is always good to use freshly grounded spices so have a hand mortar in your kitchen. This is a kitchen buddy, and is very commonly available in most of the Indian Kitchen. So pound the black pepper, kosher salt or white mustard seeds fresh and use in salad dressing. Sometimes the simplest salads are best.

Hot summer time are in, need a cool meal. How about having a bowl of salad with a glassful of buttermilk. This is all green salad, very simple, prepared with very basic green vegetables and uncomplicated dressing, yet tasty. It will take hardly five mins to prepare.

Go through my all salad creations and write me which you found the best, shall wait for you feedback. The quantity is for single serving.


All green salad ingri

  1. Mix lettuce leaf 1 bunch
  2. Tomatoes cut into 4
  3. Diced cucumber ½ cup
  4. Mix coloured Bell peppers long slices ½ cup
  5. Freshly grounded black pepper 1 tspn
  6. Lemon juice 1 tspn
  7. Dry white mustard powder ½ tspn
  8. Extra virgin Olive oil 2 tspn divided
  9. Balsamic vinegar 1 tbspn
  10. Red wine vinegar 1 tspn
  11. Salt ½ tspn or to taste


Prepare the dressing in a small bowl by mixing salt, pepper, mustard powder, lemon juice, 1 tspn of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and red wine vinegar. Whisk together with hand whisker and keep aside.

In salad bowl, put all the vegetables, tear the lettuce by hand.

All green salad1

Pour the dressing and toss. Refrigerate it.

All green salad 2

Spoon the saved olive oil all over.

Delicious salad is ready to dig in.

Note: Pour the dressing just before serving. If you are short of balsamic vinegar try this aternative which I did once. Mix 4 tblspn black grape juice, 1 spoon brown sugar and 1 tblspn white vinegar. Boil it and reduce to 2 tblspn. Enough to use for single serving.


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  1. Neelam Tiku says:

    👌👌kya baat green salad …my favourite always 👍👍

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