Mango Chaat


Mangoes are widely used in various cuisines ripe or green in India and many other countries. Summer has arrived in India and markets are overflowing with mangoes. There are so many varieties some are very sweet, some are sour and some are sweet and sour. Out of these Totiya or Tota Mangoes arrives first in the market. They are largely grown in Southern India and there I found the street vendors selling Mango chaat in most of the public/tourist spots, whole year round. These are hard in texture, attractive appearance of red, green and yellow. Could be easily identified due to its shape of the tip resembles to parrot/tota beak that is the reason it is called tota mango. They are always sweet with a tangy touch. These are perfect for chaat and could be delicious ingredients of salad during summer. Here I have given the easiest recipe for making jhatpat mango chaat with the   seasoning available in most of our kitchen, but ultimate result will be luscious.



  1. Totapuri Mango diced 2 cups or 1 mongo
  2. Black/rock salt ½ tspn
  3. Finely chopped green chili 2
  4. Mustard powder or english mustard paste ½ tspn(optional)


Aam Chaat 1

In a bowl put all the ingredients and mix well so that the seasoning is coated with the diced mango.

Refrigerate for 15 mts. Enjoy the coo cool sweet and sour chaat.


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