Pumpkin Blossom Fritters

Kumro phul Bhaja

Kumro Phool

Pumpkin blossom fritters popularly known as “Kumro Phul Bhaja”, in Bengali Household .Actually it is popular mostly in eastern Sector of India. Like Banana Plant, delicious dishes are prepared with each and every part of pumpkin plant, Its stem, leaves, flower, pumpkin seeds pumpkin peels. In my childhood, I used to throw the seeds of ripe pumpkin in our garden which grew very fast and before it held the fruit, my mom would prepare delicious dishes out of its creeper stems and leaves. Yesterday I found some Pumpkin Blossoms in the market so decided to add up this recipe in my blog. These blossoms are found during late spring. These are naturally soft and extremely perishable and should not be stored in the fridge more than 12 hrs. The most common method of cooking these flowers are as fritters/pakoras. Dipped in batter with seasoning and deep fried. Eaten best with Dal, Bhat & Kumro Phul Bhaja. However, in other part of the world also like, Italy Latin America and phillipino and many other countries, squash blossoms are used from garnishing and to prepare, soups, fritters with stuffing and many more ways. I am starting with most common desi style dish , out of it and plan to add up the international recipe too very soon.

Similarly, Jute plant leaf fritters (paat pata bora) are also popular in Bengali kitchen. These leaves are plucked  from baby jute plants and are cooked as fritters, sautéed with spices etc. I got handful of these leaves also alongwith Pumpkin flowers. The preparation method is same so follow the same method for Jute Leaf fritters too.

Lets Cook…


Kumro phul 1

  1. Pumpkin blossom- 10-12
  2. Rice flour ½ cup
  3. Bengal Gram flour ½ cup
  4. Black caraway seed/Kalonji ½ tspn
  5. Chopped Green chili 1 tblspn
  6. Salt ½ tspn
  7. Turmeric powder ½ tspn
  8. Oil for deep frying


 For cleaning the flowers, take off the green stem alongwith thin green sepal around the stem. Also discard the stigma,   inside the flower. Clean each flower in water.

Make a thick batter with rice flour, gram flour, kalonji, chili, salt and turmeric powder.

Heat enough oil in a deep pan/wok. Dip the each flowers in the batter one by one and deep fry it in batches till crispy and golden brown in medium flame.

Take out on kitchen towel for soaking the extra grease.

Serve hot. Can be eaten as starter in meal time also goes great in tea time.


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