Cafe Diva, G.K I, New Delhi.


Small Cafe#Good Food#High priced#Good Ambiance# Perfect Cafe look

Big Fan of Ritu Dalmia. Expected to have authentic Italian food.


Started with Rocket & strawberry salad with hazelnut & crumbled feta. Attractive presentation but gave bland taste in 1st bite. Drizzled balsamic & olive oil(provided bottles on all tables). Now it was good.


Rice paper Spring Rolls were Excellent. Different in taste & flavours from conventional spring rolls . Great in texture & taste too. Red wine Sangria is my all time favourite and here with green apple was perfect.

Was not able to decide on Pizza. The service boy helped us and customised the pizza as per our choice half & half (All Veggies, half with mushrooms, half without mushrooms).


It was late & most of the desserts were out of shelf. However, the service boy suggested us Sated Caramel Tart, the only remaining stuff and it was divine.

Overall rating:

Food- 4/5

Ambiance- 4/5

Service- 4/5 (Service boys are well versed with the dishes on menu card.)

Value for money- 3.5/5 (for pricing)


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