Food walk at Delhi 6.

Our family is a great foodie and always is hunting for food with a . So a  winter sunday we decided to explore Delhi 6 street food. Chalked out a plan for a food walk (self driven not through any travel agency) at Delhi 6, the historical place, Chandni Chawk . We have been brought up in this historical city and every street lane of Chandni Chawk has a history of Gastronomic Glory. Varieties, of Kachori, Parathas, Pani Puris, Chaat, Kheer, Kulfi, khurchan etc. etc.etc. And rest assure the taste and the flavour available on the street of Chandni chawk is unique and does not match to the same dishes found in other locations of Delhi.

Chandni chawk is a business hub too, therefore visiting this place on weekdays just to enjoy food is not a wise option. Therefore chose to visit on Sunday when these food stations are open. Do not take your vehicle, either reach by metro or by a hired taxi. Best period to do these walks is from October to Mid March when whether is cool and long walks in sun is possible.

Daulat ki chaat is a dish which is available only during winters because this dish needs dew drops for preparation. Boiled milk is kept under winter sky to set and soak in the dew. Then it is churned for hours to get the the frothy creamy texture. It is said, the dew drops makes the milk lighter and helps aeration while blending. It is not a normal sweet & sour spicy chaat rather a sweet dish creamy and frothy with dry fruits and kesar. It is available only in Chandni chawk lanes like, Kinari Bazaar, Parathe wali Gali or in Chawri Bazaar.

Then its Natraj Bhallas and Aloo tikkis. They are famous for Bhallas but I find their Aloo tikkis equali tempting. A must try.

Just opposite  road of Natraj Bhalla shop  is Parathe wali Gali. But before entering this gali do not miss Kanwarji Shop of Namkeen & Sweets. All items prepared in Desi Ghee. They have varieties of Kachori and every variety is out of the world special mention to Khasta kachori with aloo sabji. Sohan Halwa, Jodhpuri Laddo, Daal Moth not to be missed.

Now walk inside Parathewali gali. There are number of shops selling same varities of parathas. We tried in 3 shops and found Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan parathas best. This is the biggest and busiest shop. Among all karela paratha was unique and best part is was not bitter. There are so many types difficult to name all. Try out sweet mawa paratha.

In the same lane have kulhar lassi topped with the top.


While coming out of the gali must have khurchan.

By this time are you feeling full ? But no, save a space in your tummy to enjoy  lipsmacking papri chaat, pani puri and finish the walk with kulfies near Chawdi Bazaar. This place is little far so better to hire a tuk tuk and get down at Chawdi Bazaar metro station exit point of Houze Quazi chawk probably gate no. 3 of Metro station. Right opposte to the exit point you will find Ashok Chat Corner. Its a small shop with varieties of chaat. Must try their Pani Puris/Golgappa, dahi bhalla and papri chaat. No sitting, No napkins. Eat standing, wash your hands in water from a water container.

Now cross the road and walk towards Kucha Pati Ram,  Bazaar Sita Ram for Kuremal Kulfi. Your walk will finally pay off. There are two Kuremal kulfi shop. Onece one shop now splitted. Both have same variety and almost same taste. When we entered, thought of tasting their signature kulfi that is stuffed mango kulfi, but end up trying 4 varieties. All were simply awesome. Mango kulfi is available whole year round. Falsa, Jamun kulfis were simply delicious. Must take salt and masala for extra punch. Paan kulfi is my all time favourite and they did not disappoint me. The kesar pista kulfi was normal and there I did not find anything extra.

Thats how we end up our food journey at Delhi 6. Booked an Ola for returning to our South Delhi destination.

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  1. Really helpful Blog ! 😀 Thanks !


  2. joyeeta81 says:

    Fabulous guide for everyone who wants to explore Old Delhi food!


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