Fusion Chaat

Traditionally, Idlis are most popular Breakfast dish in south Indian household. Plain idlis are mild in taste so it is served with chutneys or sambhar.  Now Idlis are popular not only in India but has gone International too. Here I have presented the traditional idlis with a twist in North Indian chaat form also using few ingredients which are mostly used in international dishes.

Fusion Chaat.jpg


  1. Rice or Rawa Idlis* 4
  2. Juliennes of Bell peppers (green,red,yellow) 1/ 2 cup
  3. Thinly sliced onion 1/ 2 cup
  4. Cherry tomatoes 4 cut in half
  5. Chopped green chili 1
  6. Chopped ginger 1 tspn
  7. Chopped coconut 1 tblspn(optional)
  8. Curry leaves 2 tbspn
  9. Mustard seed 1 tspn
  10. Whole dry red chili 2
  11. Podi/gun powder 1 tspn *
  12. Garam masala powder 1/ 2 tspn
  13. Chaat masala powder 1 tspn
  14. Red chili flakes 1/ 2 tspn(may increase if want hot)
  15. Tomato ketchup 2 tblspn or increase as per choice.
  16. Green(coriander/mint leaf) Chutney 1 tspn(optional)
  17. Chopped coriander 1 tblspn
  18. Lemon juice 1 tblspn
  19. Any white Oil/Olive oil 1 tblspn
  20. Salt 1 /2 tspn (to taste)


Idli 11

Dice each cooked idlis into bite size.

Heat oil in a pan and temper with whole red chili & mustard seeds.

Add curry leaves let it splatter, add the sliced onion. Saute for half a minute.

Put bell peppers, ginger & chopped green chilis. Sautee till the veggies are half cooked or just changed colour, and should be crunchy.

Add chopped coconut and stir for 1/2 min.

Simmer the flame then add salt, podi powder & garam masala. Careful the masalas must not burn.

Add cherry tomatoes at one side of the wok and stir. Sautee for 1 /2 mt.

Then  add diced idlis. Toss it so that all the masalas are mixed nicely with idlis. Switch off the burner.

Now add lemon juice, ketchup, green chutney(optional), red chili flakes, chat masala. Toss well. Garnish with chopped coriander.

Could be served hot or cold.

*Visit my page for Idlis & Podi powder recipes.


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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    I call this Innovation, beauty and brains delicacy!!

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