Dalia Upma

Dalia upma display.jpg


Dalia upma .jpg

  1. Dry roasted Dalia   1 cup
  2. Chopped Beans & Carrots (or any veg. of your choice) ½ cup
  3. Halved Cashew 1 tblspn
  4. Soaked Chana Daal 1 tspn
  5. Soaked Urad daal 1 tspn
  6. Ginger julienned 1 tblspn
  7. Kari Patta 1 tblspn
  8. Chopped Green Chili 1 tspn
  9. Whole dry red chili 2
  10. Mustard seeds 1 tspn
  11. Refined oil 3 tblspn
  12. Salt 1 tspn
  13. Water 3 cups
  14. Sliced tomato, twig of curry patta or copped coriander for garnishing.


Dry roast dalia till it changes colour and aromatic. Soak it in 2 cups of boiling water for 1 hr. Or cook dalia till it is soft. Strain it to drain out the water.

Steam the vegetables till soft but firm. Keep aside.

Heat oil, put whole red chili, let it change colour, put mustard seed, let it splatter, add curry patta and soaked daals.  Fry till the daals turns brown.

Add chopped green chili and ginger, stir fry for ½ min. Add steamed vegetables and cashew nuts. Fry for 1 min.

Now add dalia, salt. Give a nice stir and mix everything. Pour 1 cup water and cook dalia covered in slow fire. Check seasoning. Cook it for at least 3-4 mins.

Uncover, stir till the extra moisture dries up . Its body would be like pulao.

Serve hot. May garnish with, sliced tomato, twig of curry patta or chopped coriande


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