Baked Chicken

Baked Chicken Breast.jpg


  1. Breast of Chicken with bone 1
  2. Black pepper 1 tspn
  3. Dry oregano 1/2 tspn
  4. Garlic sliced 2/3 fat pods
  5. Ginger grated juiced 1 tspn
  6. Lemon juice 1 tblspn
  7. Olive oil/Melted Butter 1 tbsp
  8. Salt 1 /2 tspn or to taste(preferably rock salt)


  1. Broccoli 2 florets
  2. Bell peppers of mix colours 4/5
  3. Cherry tomatoes 5/6

Veggies could be increased or decreased as per personal choice


Wash thoroughly the chicken 2/3 times in running water. Pat dry with kitchen towel. Make diagonal slits at least 3, on the chicken. Tuck in the  garlic slices into the slits. Keep aside.

Prepare a marinate  by mixing all ingredients except chicken . Take a baking dish/Cake tin preferably deep which could be covered & sealed with aluminum foil. Pour the marinate in it. Now place the chicken over the marinate & coat it on both the sides of the chicken. Place the thicker side of the chicken with tucked in garlic upward in the baking dish. Arrange the veggies around the chicken piece. Seal the dish from all sides with aluminium foil.

Preheat oven on 200 Degrees cel. In winters it takes longer to preheat, so check the heat accordingly. Place the baking dish on high rack and bake it initially for 20 mins. on 180 Degrees cel. Take out,  open the seal. You may find lot of liquid in the dish. Check it with fork whether cooked otherwise seal again and cook for another 5/10 mins.. It you want to reduce the liquid then cook without seal.

Serve Hot.


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