Snow Pea Salad

Snow pea.jpg


  1. Snow peas handful or 10/12
  2. Diced radish 4, preferably red/purple variety
  3. Dice Onion 1 medium
  4. Cherry tomatoes 4 halved
  5. Red leaf lettuce 1-2 leaves
  6. Boneless chicken ½ cup
  7. Grated Garlic 1 tspn
  8. Boiling water for blanching snow peas 2 cups
  9. Bowl of Ice


  1. Olive oil 1 ½ tbspn divided
  2. Lemon juice 1 tbspn
  3. Red wine vinegar 1 tbspn
  4. Freshly ground black pepper 1 tspn
  5. Sugar 1 tspn
  6. Yellow Mustard powder or English mustard ½ tspn
  7. Salt ½ tspn or to taste
  8. Basil Leaf 1 small bunch


Cut the chicken piece into thick strips. Wash it and cook it in lightly salted water along with the garlic. Strain & cool it.

Remove the heads of the snow peas & peel the strings down along the edge & cut it diagonally. Dip it in boiling water for just a minute & immediately put it in ice bowl. This method is called blanching. The peas will loose its raw taste by dipping it in boiling water but by blanching method it will not get dis coloured. Take out the snow peas, wipe it with kitchen towel & put it in a salad bowl.

Add diced radish, onion, snow peas & tomatoes and the chicken strips one by one.

Whisk together all 1 tblspn olive oil and dressing material except basil & pour over the vegetables. Toss the salad alongwith basil leaves.  This process must be done just before serving.

Arrange the lettuce leaf at the bottom of the serving bowl & serve the salad over it. Pour rest of the olive oil over it.

It is a wholesome meal could be served with a multy grain bread slice.


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  1. joyeeta81 says:

    yes this is that gorgeous looking salad, which you can just stare..but go ahead and eat it too…outstanding!!

    Liked by 1 person

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