If you do not want to have a full meal then help yourself with a bowl of salad. Salads are tasty & beneficial for health.  Moreover best way to have maximum amount of vegetable in a diet  is by eating wide variety of Salads every day. Salad do not cause bloating & they are filling too.

Salads are the easiest way to prepare. Traditionally, especially in India, Salad meant sliced Cucumber, Onion, Tomato , sprinkle black salt & lemon juice. But now time has changed, we find so many varieties of lettuce, vegetables,  fruits, dressings, so it can be more creative, colourful  & delicious too.

 Personally I love Salads, whether it is Greens, Meati or a fruit salad.  My family too are very fond of it. In fact  I have to prepare  one kind of salad  everyday.

I am sharing  the recipes  hope you people will also try & give me the feedback.


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