Bangaalir Henshel

Heshel in Bengali means kitchen.  Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle yet fiery flavours and super delicious confectioneries and desserts. It also has multy-course tradition with food served course-wise rather than at once.

The nature and variety of dishes found in Bengali cooking are unique. Bengalis specially migrants from Bangladesh known as Bangaal, can make ambrosial dishes out of the oftentimes rejected peels, stalks and leaves of vegetables.

The use of spices for both Veg & non Veg dishes are extensive and includes many combinations not found in other parts of India. Many of my non Bengali friends have commented on sheer variety of spices they could find in my kitchen shelf.

This section consists of popular dishes of Bengal both Vegetarian & Non vegetarian.  I have elaborated the cooking with step by step photos wherever required; otherwise elaborate description of cooking method.

Hope to attract my non Bengali food readers also to try these dishes.


Bhapa Ilish (Steamed Hilsa)

Mocha Paturi

Phulkopi Chingdi Dalna (Prawn Cauliflower Curry)

Rui Maachher Jhol


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